Pastors Conference

About six years ago I was flying home from Haiti burdened about the way the churches are so legalistic and how it is more about what Christians are against than what they are for! I was talking to the Lord about how this is keeping people away from the church, and how many come to Christ it didn't feel welcome in the church. Just ideas and cultural beliefs about how you must dress etc. but not really hearing God's love and His story and how they fit in.

I was so burdened about how to move forward when clearly I heard "if you can bring the pastors together and encourage them and train and teach truth you win Haiti!" I had no idea how to do that! But I knew that God would lead us. We began by putting an association of 10 calling it "Sendering for Christ." Then Pastor Donnie Edwards from Paris, Texas began to work with the pastors. He caught the vision and stated with 9 and has earned their trust and respect, and much fruit has been the result of his dedication and work for the past 5 years now.

The last conference we ministered to 87 pastors and their wives. We need people to help with sponsoring these conferences. Study Bibles for the pastors are in great need, and are relatively inexpensive at only $50 each. We need churches and individuals to sponsor a pastor for $100 per month. Most of them do not get paid and have to find other work to take care of their families.

Will you consider becoming a donor and sponsoring a pastor?